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The DP Technology was started by Dan Frayssinet and Paul Richard a French Engineers in the USA in the year 1982. Their product ESPRIT is a high-performance CAM system for CNC programming, optimization and simulation — supporting any class of CNC machine via one common user interface and workflow. Using a digital twin of the CNC to simplify the programming process, ESPRIT delivers edit-free G-code. Combined with ESPRIT’s ability to solve workflow challenges with individually tailored automation solutions, ESPRIT is the smart manufacturing solution for any machining application.

  • 2- to 5-axis milling
  • 2- to 22-axis turning
  • 2- to 5-axis wire EDM
  • Swiss-type, & B-axis multi-tasking
  • On-machine inspection
  • Additive direct energy deposition
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up to Axis
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Why should i buy Espritcam?
Calculate accurate cycle time faster!
Stop depending on skilled programmer
Reduce your cycle time faster!
Avoid tool breakages and fixture collisions!​

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Millwright a team of well-experienced experts in the area of CNC machining with vision in providing Manufacturing solutions, CAD/CAM/CNC Training, and CNC Programming Services for manufacturing industries in different verticals like Automobile, Aerospace, Heavy engineering, Medical, Oil & Gas etc.

We maintain close partnerships with leaders in machine tool manufacturing, to develop technologies together


Milling - VMC / HMC
  • 1. Quote your Customer faster!
    With the help of EspritCAM, A manager or owner of an organization can calculate the cycle time of their customer's part with very little technical knowledge.
  • 2. Stop depending on skilled programmers!
    With the user-friendliness and toolpath automation of Espritcam, a person with basic computer knowledge and machining knowledge can make NC program easily.
  • 3. Avoid tool breakages & fixture collisions!
    Complete 3D machine simulation with tools, holders, fixtures etc, Espritcam detects and highlights collision possibilities on your CNC machine.
  • 4. Reduce your Cycle time!
    The profit milling and stock automation functionality, Esprit generates NC codes with the least cycle time.
  • 5. Error and correction free NC Codes!
    Accurate NC codes can be generated with proved factory outlet machine post processor hence no corrections required for the NC
  • 6. Instant Technical support center
    After successful implementation of Esprit in your organization, an unlimited technical support will be provided to end user through our Esprit Tech centers in Tamil Nadu.

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