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CNC Software for Education

CADEM CNC training software takes raw trainees or students through a 4-step process, equips them with all skills and knowledge required for CNC machining.

  • NCyclo-Fundamentals of CNC technology
  • SeeNC-Manual CNC Programming skills
  • doNC-CNC machine operating skills



Milling - VMC / HMC
  • 1. NCyclopedia
    NCyclo Turn and NCyclo Mill speed bring the shop floor into the classroom. They dramatically improve understanding and retention of topics, and speed of learning. The student learns machine construction, machining operations, tooling, work holding and programming. Can be used for teaching by the teacher, or for self-learning by the student.
  • 2. seeNC
    seeNC Mill and seeNC Turn CNC simulation software enable the student to practise and learn manual CNC programming quickly. The student also learns process planning, tool selection and safety. seeNC supports basic commands, canned cycles and subprograms for a range of popular controllers. seeNC comes with illustrated programming manuals and workbooks that eliminate the teacher’s job of making teaching notes, presentations and lab programming exercises.
  • 3. doNC
    doNC is CNC machine simulator software, designed to provide competency in operating CNC machines. Like a flight simulator, it enables a trainee to learn machine operation without an actual machine. Trainees can safely and efficiently practice machine operating skills on a PC, and get ready to operate real CNC machines in a very short time.


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