CIMCO Transferring programs between a PC and multiple CNC machines

CNC Program Management and transfering system

We provide CNC Program managing and transferring solutions between PC and multiple CNC Machines using CIMCO, which reduces your machine downtime for program transfer, part rejections due to outdated programs unauthorized access to programs and much more.
  • What We Do?
  • Why Cimco DNC ?
  • Why NC Base ?
  • • Install DNC software and hardware on PC.
    • Set up DNC parameters on the CNC machines and on PC as well.
    • Establish DNC communication and demonstrate all functions of the CIMCO
    • Provide training on using DNC functions to your engineers
    • Document connectivity information and handover them to you
  • • 1 up to 4000 simultaneous ports.
    • Intuitive GUI (Graphical User Interface).
    • Powerful remote request and auto name
    • Several levels of password protection
    • Comprehensive real-time logging
  • • Comprehensive Search Functionality for Searching your NC Files.
    • Production Document Management.
    • Backup Controls of your NC programs and other shop floor documents.
    • Approval Controls for your modifief NC programs.
    • Version Controls for your NC programs.
    • Locking Controls for your proved NC Programs.

  • Pricing

    Kindly send us your requirements along with your contact details to, we will respond within a working day.
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