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Feedback of Esprit CAM user in Chennai-Anitha Enterprises

Esprit user in Chennai,Tamilnadu

In this I would take pleasure to share the success story of one of the Esprit user in Chennai, Tamilnadu.

Table of content

  • Introduction
  • Painful problem in CNC machine shop
  • Meeting with EspritCAM reseller in Chennai
  • Testimonial Video
  • Conclusion


Anitha Enterprises is a leading contract manufacturer supplying wide variety of Fabricated Bus Bar Components and emerging in the field of Engineering Components. Anitha Enterprises was established in 1981, since our inception we are committed to innovative and quality oriented manufacturing techniques which made Anitha Enterprises always set new benchmark in the field of Bus Bar Components and Engineering Components manufacturing. The company is headed by professional team who all has core competence in manufacturing, design and development of Bus Bar Components and Engineering Components.

Copper bus bars are manufactured based on Customer Design or by designing ourselves which meets Customer Requirements assuring quality of the product by following our quality system manual which is implemented during the certification of ISO 9001:2015 quality standards.

Reference : http://anithaenterprises.in/

Painful problem in CNC machine shop

Anitha Enterprises is one of the leading Copper bus bar manufacturing company in Chennai, they have wide varieties of conventional lathe, milling and other conventional machines in their shop floor which is nearer to Guindy region in Chennai. As day to day their experiences increases the numbers of orders is also increases day to day. In order to complete their order daily they have decided to move on to buy a CNC milling machine from Lakshmi Machine Works Limited (LMW), Since they have there Conventional machine shop in not comfortable for placing VMC they have extended there new branch to Thirumudivakkam – Sriperumbudur road,Chennai. After they start running that unit they face typical problem in CNC Machine shop

  • Lack of CNC Operators, setters & programmers since they are very far away from City
  • Skill dependency occurs
  • Unable to Calculate effective Cycle time
  • Loss of business inquiry due to delay in prepare quote for customer
  • They want to Check the NC simulation before running it on VMC

Meeting with EspritCAM reseller in Chennai

One fine day Mr.G.R.Venugopalan Proprietor of Anitha Enterprises came to know about Esprit CAM programming software for CNC,VMC ,HMC, Multi-tasking, Swiss style machining,5 Axis, Wire EDM ,through his CNC friends circle in Chennai. Then he searches for best technical supporting reseller for Esprit CAM in India. He found Millwright the official reseller for Esprit CAM software in Tamilnadu ,India. The first day meeting begins with live onsite technical presentation of Esprit CAM and ends up with a purchase order after a deep decision. Their team strongly believes the capacity of the CAM software and technical support from Millwright through Implementation process.

Testimonial Video

Here come the testimonial feedback of Anitha Enterprises Proprietor Mr.G.R.Venugopalan and Production Manager Mr.Aashish (End user of Esprit CAM software).


Last but not least i conclude this blog post by asking few questions to CNC machine shop owner/campaign

  1. Do you have skill dependency problem at your CNC machine shop ?
  2. Do you want to quote your customers effectively ?
  3. Do you want to calculate lease Cycle time for the existing parts ?
  4. Are you searching for best CAM software for your CNC machine shop ?

Please reply your Answers in Comment section, please share if you feel useful, thanks for reading my blog.

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All about Millwright

We Millwright Techserv Pvt Ltd located at Chennai and Coimbatore, an authorized dealer (reseller)for Esprit CAM in Tamil Nadu. Our EspritCAM tech center in Chennai is one of the best tech centers in India to learn Esprit CAM. we provide the best CAM software and solutions for VMC, HMC, Horizontal Turning Center, Vertical Turning Center (VTL), HBM, Swiss-style machines (Sliding head machines), Multi-Tasking (Mill-turn) machines, wire EDM with local technical support. we have a wide range of customers base on Esprit CAM software for aerospace, valves, automobile, maintenance, die & mold, etc.

For no-cost demo Call us on  +91 9840999411

Millwright Authorized reseller for EspritCAM in Tamil Nadu



Esprit CAM for CNC lathes and VTLs

CNC lathe part

Esprit an ultimate CAM software for CNC lathe machines,

  • Do you have CNC lathes machines in you Shop floor ?
  • Do you get new parts development very often ?
  • Does your customers asks for cost estimations of the parts immediately ?
  • Are you depending on Skilled CNC programmers ?
  • Do you want to reduce the cycle time on your components ?
  • Do you wanna reduce the ideal time of your machines, while new part developments ?

If you have all or any of the above problems, get the solutions below.

Quote your customer faster and easier

Esprit Cycle time excel sheet
Esprit cam Cycle time sheet

In today’s competitive machining market, its very important to reply your customer as fast as you can, with proper time calculation and cost estimation, because customers are not waiting.

with the help of Esprit’s MS Excel documentation out, your organisation can make cycle time calculation and cost estimation quicker and easier and also, you can analyze reduce your cycle time further, without idling your CNC machine.

Stop depending on skilled programmers

Availability of Skilled CNC programmers is a big challenge today, even existing CNC programmers also moving to abroad countries, for their better carrier growth.

Esprit CAM’s user friendly interface, helps to make NC programs with a less skilled persons, With Esprit CAM’s easy tool path creation method, operator can make NC program, even without knowledge on G codes.

Reduce cycle time on your components

Stock automation

  • Stock Automation option in Esprit CAM turning reduce cycle time, by eliminating unnecessary non cutting (air) movement on the tool paths.

Profit Turning

  • Profit turning an high speed roughing tool path, by DP technology, reduces the machining cycle time of the part, with constant load and chip thickness.

Post processors

Esprit cam, has the best post processor for all CNC controllers and machine tools, so the programmer are free form editing the NC programs after posting from Esprit cam

Feed back from our Customer in Chennai.

Nestor Engineering Pvt Ltd, a pioneer tool room parts and precision part manufacturing company in Chennai, Using Esprit from the day one of CNC their shop floor started, in the below video the Managing Director explained the befits he got from Millwright and Espritcam


More feedback

To explore more , please visit millwright.in/espritcam

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Esprit CAM reseller in India-Millwright

About Millwright

Millwright Techserv Pvt Ltd a company based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, is an authorized Esprit CAM reseller in India,

We Millwright is a CNC consulting company with a team of well experienced experts in the area of CNC machining doing its operation in Chennai and catered all over the world.

We have a focused vision in providing Manufacturing solutions, CAD/CAM/CNC Training and CNC Programming Services for manufacturing industries in different verticals like Automobile, Aerospace, Heavy engineering, Medical, Oil & Gas etc. to get more details about millwright visit www.millwright.in

Millwright and DP Technology

Millwright works with DP technology corp (Developer of EspritCAM ) for more than 5+ years, also won ” TOP performer award” from DP technology on 2019.

Industry Solutions

ESPRIT is a powerful, full-spectrum CAM system for CNC programming, optimization, and simulation — supporting the entire manufacturing process from CAD file to machined part. With factory-certified post processors delivering machine-optimized G-code and ESPRIT’s ability to solve unique challenges with automation solutions built using the

software’s API, ESPRIT is the smart manufacturing solution for any machining application. When you combine these benefits with world-class technical support that allows programmers to get started quickly and keep running at top efficiency, it’s clear that ESPRIT is the only CAM software you’ll ever need.

Modules OF Espritcam

Customer’ Feedback


Millwright – Authorized re seller for Espritcam in Chennai and authorized espritcam training center Tamil Nadu,

If you like to know about Espritcam, Please visit ww.millwright.in/espritcam or just call us for a demo on +91 90 94 55 55 65.