REGO-FIX advanced tool holding

REGO-FIX introduces new innovations for effective tool locking and a one-of-a-kind retrofit through-coolant system for live tooling, quick tool changing, and a representation of the company’s ER System of collets and holders.

The new slip-proof intRlox mini clamping nuts from REGO-FIX feature a frontal milled slot on their outside diameter that mates to a corresponding wrench to prevent slippage during the tightening or loosening process. These new clamping nuts, that are suitable for the company’s sealing or cooling disks, have a special surface treatment for increased clamping force and a unique coating that prevents corrosion. intRlox is available in ER11,16 and 20 sizes for standard versions, and ER16 and 20 for coolant version. It offers improved operator safety due to slip-proof clamping, internal and external cooling, improved chip removal, reduced tool costs and improved productivity.


Rego-Fix intRlox

The company’s retrofit recool coolant-through system quickly and cost effectively brings the benefits of internal cooling to the live tooling used in CNC turning operations. Able to convert an existing tooling system to include through-coolant in as little as two minutes, recool is much more effective in getting coolant to the cutting edge than spray pipes or nozzles. It achieves standard speeds up to 12,000rpm and pressures up to 1,000psi. With reCool, live tools featuring external threads (ISO 15488/DIN 6499) can machine faster and last longer. The system also works in conjunction with REGO-FIX collets, sealing and coolant flush disks, milling cutters and drills with diameters from 0.098″ to 1.02″.



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