DNC (Direct Numeric Control)

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Let us share some thing about DNC (Direct Numeric Control) and also download a free DNC software from the link pasted bottom of this post.

What is DNC ?

It is type of networking between CNC machines and Shop floor Computer, in which we can send and recive NC programs from PC to CNC machines.

What are different types of DNC?

RS232 Based, LAN based, wireless etc.

What is dripfeed in DNC ?

If we have a CNC machine, in which we cannot store large programs file, in that case we can use dripfeed option in DNC software.This option will transfer one block after another form PC.


Download a free copy of NCnet-Lite DNC software from the below link.

Note :NCnet Lite works with only one machine and does not support drip feed.

Software Source : Cadem Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Autodesk acquired Delcam for USD $286 Million on February 6th 2014

Autodesk, Inc. A world leader in 3D autodesk-delcamdesign, engineering and entertainment software company having 7,300 employees worldwide is headquartered in San Rafael, California acquired Delcam a  leading manufacturing and inspection software providers having more than 30 offices worldwide and approximately 700 employees headquartered in Birmingham, UK.

“The acquisition of Delcam is an important step in Autodesk’s continued expansion into manufacturing and fabrication and beyond our roots in design.  Together with Delcam, we look forward to accelerating the development of a more comprehensive Digital Prototyping solution and delivering a better manufacturing experience,” said Buzz Kross, senior vice president for Design, Lifecycle and Simulation products.

Delcam will operate as a wholly-owned, independently-operated subsidiary of Autodesk.

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Things should be considered before buying a CAD/CAM system

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When i surf on net, i got some useful stuffs related to CAD/CAM software’s as below.

“Things should be considered before buying a CAD/CAM system”

User Interface

  • Is the screen arrangement logical and easy to read?
  • Can beginners and experts pick functions conveniently?
  • Can you customize the menus and graphics display?

CAD Functionality

  • Does the software price include file translators?
  • What entity types can it create, import, and export?
  • Is it easy to modify geometric entities?
  • How easy is it to create a model from a print?

CAM Functionality

  • Can the system do simple and complex parts easily?
  • What entity types can the system use for machining?
  • Are toolpaths easy to edit?
  • Are toolpaths and geometry associative?
  • Can the system calculate feeds and speeds?
  • Are gouge and undercut avoidance built in?
  • Can you manually override defaults and protections?
  • Will the software automatically optimize feed rates?

NC Code Output

  • How does the system create NC output?
  • Does the software price include post processors?
  • Who will customize the NC output for your system?
  • Are post processors customizable by the user?
  • Is it easy to switch a program between machines?
  • Is visualization of NC code output available?

General Software Information

  • Are the CAD and CAM functions in same package?
  • Is the software developer strong in both CAD and CAM?
  • Are third-party packages available to add on?
  • Is there a growth path to more powerful software?
  • What other software is available from the company?
  • Is the software network compatible?
  • Software Maintenance and Update Policies
  • How frequently are software updates provided?
  • How much do software updates cost?

Software Training

  • What kind of training is available for the software?
  • Does the software price include training?
  • How much training will you need to become productive?
  • Are advanced training courses available?

Technical Support

  • What technical support is available?
  • How much will technical support cost?
  • Does the company publish customer newsletters?
  • Is there a users group for the software in your area?
  • Software Developers
  • Is the software company well established and stable?

Software Resellers

  • What is the reseller’s history?
  • Does the reseller offer local support?
  • Is corporate support also available?
  • What is the reseller’s territory?
  • Is the reseller dedicated to the CAD/CAM software?
  • What is the reseller’s skill level?
  • What is the reseller’s reputation?
  • Does the reseller demonstrate computer literacy?
  • Is the reseller familiar with your industry?
  • How strong is the reseller network?

Minimum Recommended Hardware Requirements

  • Processor type and speed:
  • Random access memory (RAM):
  • Graphics card:
  • Hard disk size:
  • Operating system and version:
  • Additional hardware or software:

Recommended Hardware Requirements

  • Processor type and speed:
  • Random access memory (RAM):
  • Graphics card:
  • Hard disk size:
  • Operating system and version:
  • Additional hardware or software:

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G Codes & M Codes for turning (Fanuc)

G00 – Rapid Positioning G61 – Exact Stop Check Mode
G01 – Linear Interpolation G62 – Automatic Corner Override
G02 – Circular Interpolation CW G63 – Tapping Mode
G03 – Circular Interpolation CCW G64 – Cutting Mode
G04 – Dwell G65 – User Simple Macro Call
G07 – Feedrate Sine Curve Control G66 – User Modal Macro Call
G10 – Data Setting G67 – User Modal Macro Call Cancel
G11 – Data Setting Cancel G70 – Finishing Cycle
G17 – XY Plane Selection G71 – Turning Cycle
G18 – XZ Plane Selection G72 – Facing Cycle
G19 – YZ Plane Selection G73 – Pattern Repeating Cycle
G20 – Input in Inches G74 – Drilling Cycle
G21 – Input in Metric G75 – Grooving Cycle
G22 – Stored Stroke Check ON G76 – Threading Cycle
G23 – Stored Stroke Check OFF G80 – Canned Cycle Cancel
G27 – Reference Point Return Check G83 – Face Drilling Cycle
G28 – Automatic Zero Return G84 – Face Tapping Cycle
G29 – Return from Zero Position G85 – Face Boring Cycle
G30 – 2nd Reference Point Return G87 – Side Drilling Cycle
G31 – Skip Function G88 – Side Tapping Cycle
G32 – Thread Cutting G89 – Side Boring Cycle
G36 – Automatic Tool Compensation G90 – Absolute Positioning
G40 – Tool Compensation Cancel G91 – Incremental Positioning
G41 – Tool Compensation Left G92 – Threading Cycle
G42 – Tool Compensation Right G94 – Face Turning Cycle
G46 – Automatic Tool Compensation G96 – Constant Surface Speed Control On
G50 – Coordinate System Setting G97 – Constant Surface Speed Control Off
G52 – Local Coordinate System Setting G98 – Feedrate Per Time
G53 – Machine Coordinate System Setting G99 – Feedrate Per Revolution
G54 – Workpiece Coordinate Setting 1 G107 – Cylindrical Interpolation
G55 – Workpiece Coordinate Setting 2 G112 – Polor Coordinate Interpolation Mode On
G56 – Workpiece Coordinate Setting 3 G113 – Polor Coordinate Interpolation Mode Off
G57 – Workpiece Coordinate Setting 4 G250 – Polygonal Turning Mode Cancel
G58 – Workpiece Coordinate Setting 5 G251 – Polygonal Turning Mode
G59 – Workpiece Coordinate Setting 6  


Common M-Codes for CNC Lathes

M00 – Program Stop M07 – Coolant 1 On
M01 – Optional Program Stop M08 – Coolant 2 On
M02 – Program End M09 – Coolant Off
M03 – Spindle Clockwise M30 – End Progarm, Return to Start
M04 – Spindle Counter Clockwise M98 – Call Subprogram
M05 – Spindle Stop M99 – Cancel Subprogram