REGO-FIX advanced tool holding

REGO-FIX introduces new innovations for effective tool locking and a one-of-a-kind retrofit through-coolant system for live tooling, quick tool changing, and a representation of the company’s ER System of collets and holders.

The new slip-proof intRlox mini clamping nuts from REGO-FIX feature a frontal milled slot on their outside diameter that mates to a corresponding wrench to prevent slippage during the tightening or loosening process. These new clamping nuts, that are suitable for the company’s sealing or cooling disks, have a special surface treatment for increased clamping force and a unique coating that prevents corrosion. intRlox is available in ER11,16 and 20 sizes for standard versions, and ER16 and 20 for coolant version. It offers improved operator safety due to slip-proof clamping, internal and external cooling, improved chip removal, reduced tool costs and improved productivity.


Rego-Fix intRlox

The company’s retrofit recool coolant-through system quickly and cost effectively brings the benefits of internal cooling to the live tooling used in CNC turning operations. Able to convert an existing tooling system to include through-coolant in as little as two minutes, recool is much more effective in getting coolant to the cutting edge than spray pipes or nozzles. It achieves standard speeds up to 12,000rpm and pressures up to 1,000psi. With reCool, live tools featuring external threads (ISO 15488/DIN 6499) can machine faster and last longer. The system also works in conjunction with REGO-FIX collets, sealing and coolant flush disks, milling cutters and drills with diameters from 0.098″ to 1.02″.


How ENDmills are playing a major role in medical related machining

In today’s world the global medical industry is the fastest growing industries. And cause of this rapid & mature growth in the industry, the need for cost effective machining & competitiveness has become obvious. Recently Mitsubishi Materials has developed dedicated solutions for tool design which is dominantly reducing the cost without compromising with the quality.



Knee & hip replacement are the most carried out surgeries now days. Knee replacement basically consists of three major parts- tibial plate, femoral component & tibial insert.  And in case of hip replacement it consists of four major parts – stem, head, linear & shell. All these critical components are made of difficult to cut materials such as Cobalt chrome, titanium  & UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polythylene).  To machine these components endmills plays versatile role. These endmills are treated with a newly developed N group coating which is the latest product of Mitubishi Materials. The endmills delivers substantially better wear productivity & quality. UHMWPE has extremely long chains, with a molecular mass usually between 2 to 6 millions. The longer chain serves to transfer load more effectively to the polymer backbone by strengthening intermolecular interactions. These results in a very tough material, with the highest impact strength of any thermoplastic presently made. These components are very adhesive cause of more intermolecular interactions & can be machined only with Chromium Nitrade coated endmills cause it has excellent adhesion resistance.

Traub_TNL18 expands ma_opt


We will discuss more about spine & trauma implants where plates, screws & even nails are used during the surgery, in my next blog.


Informations courtesy:-

Efficient Manufacturing Magazine


Efficiency in Mastercam X8

CNC Software Inc. has released Mastercam X8, this update will work on Windows-based CAD/CAM platform; according to the developer the new update will improve process speed, automation capability, and production efficiency for all machining jobs.

In addition to the performance improvements, the developer also introduces new solids features, UI improvements, and usability/workflow improvements, among other new functions.

images (1)

It’s having a new Dynamic Motion technology “a new and exciting approach to creating tool paths,” that follows proprietary rules reference a broad data set to create the most efficient cutting motion possible. This new technology not only calculates the area where metal to be removed but also intakes the condition of the material throughout various stages of machining.

The interface of solid designing has been fully revised for Mastercam X8.  Now it is simpler, more intuitive building and editing of solids.

As well, with the new Solids interface there are new features such as Live Preview, Hands-on Drag Controls, and Direct Editing has been improved to simplify model preparation.

Other new tools in available in Mastercam X8 include:
•  More improved 2D high speed toolpaths.
•  Now user can define & select reference positions for approach & retract movements in multiaxis toolpaths & turn mill toolpaths.
•  Lathe toolpaths can be included in stock model operations, which can be used for subsequent milling operations; and

• In Mastercam X8  contour Roughing toolpath is designed to take passes parallel to chained geometry.

Information courtesy :-American machinist


Fanucs new automation & machine monitoring technology

Fanuc Factory Automation has recently developed a new automation technology for CNC softwares. This technology can monitor the machine processes simultaneously which will protect the machine, its fixtures, and the parts. They named the  technology as Fanuc-Logo-EPS-vector-image“iLimitS” which will monitor spindle load, spindle speed, and coolant flow. If the program detects an abnormal process it displays a warning or an alarm will stop the process before damaging the machine.

iLimitS is integrated into the CNC machine itself,  it does not require any external PC. The monitoring function is established via parameter settings and can be activated by macro calls within the part program, so there will be flexibility for operators and programmers.

Moreover as  iLimitS is embedded into the CNC, no external sensors are required when using a Fanuc serial spindle interface but for analog spindles and coolant monitoring, external sensors can be added as per the requirement of the applications.

The The iLimitS CNC software option has its own user interface screens that are integrated into the CNC and provide access to all set-up and monitoring information.

Courtesy:- American Mechanist

High-Efficiency Area Clearance Leads PowerMill 2015 Improvements

Raster finishing is being improved in PowerMill 2015, with this upcoming improvements the users now will be able to set automatically the most appropriate angle for each region of the part.  As in previous versions, the user had to select each area and specify the angle manually but this new option will be most beneficial when finishing a series of pockets aligned in different directions.


PowerMill is one of the widely used  3D CAM platform for Windows & is developed by Delcam PLC —Delcam is used in numerous industrial sectors to develop machining toolpaths —users will see a detailed preview of the software’s next release at IMTS 2014 which is going to held on Chicago form September 8th to 13th  this year. As reported by Delcam, among the new functions in PowerMill 2015 will be an updated Vortex high-speed area-clearance strategy.

Courtesy:- American Mechanist

Hexagon acquires Vero Software

HexverHexagon AB, a leading global provider of design, measurement and visualisation technologies, announced today the acquisition of Vero Software, a world leader in Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software.

Vero Software is a UK-based software company with a strong brand and proven customer satisfaction track record. Their software aids the design and manufacturing process with solutions for programming and controlling machine tools, addressing the rising challenge of achieving manufacturing efficiencies with high-quality output.

Several well-known brands in Vero Software’s portfolio include Alphacam, Cabinet Vision, Edgecam, Radan, SURFCAM, VISI, and WorkNC. The company has large market coverage with offices in the UK, Germany, Italy, France, Japan, USA, Brazil, Netherlands, China, Korea, Spain and India supplying products to more than 45 countries through its wholly owned subsidiaries and reseller network.

The acquisition strengthens Hexagon’s software offerings, providing the means to close the gap of making quality data fully actionable by extending the reach of the newly developed MMS (metrology planning software) to include CAM (manufacturing planning software).

“Together with its unique suite of manufacturing software solutions, Vero Software has the expertise, knowledge and resources to deliver even higher levels of productivity to our customers,” said Hexagon President and CEO Ola Rollén. “Leveraging our global footprint, the synergies from our combined technologies will advance our strategy, supporting the growing need to integrate all data and processes across the manufacturing lifecycle.”

Vero Software will be fully consolidated as of August 2014 (closing being subject to regulatory approval) and will positively contribute to Hexagon’s earnings. The company’s turnover for 2013 amounted to approximately 80 million EUR


Is High-Pressure Coolant Worth It?

Machines are becoming more versatile and automated while CAM software for programming maximizes their capabilities as compare to which tooling should also be more multifunctional with broad acceptance of modular tools.

The question of high-pressure coolant usually arises when investment in the latest machine technology is being considered. Now that 1,000-psi coolant delivery is a standard option on most high-tech machines, the question is: What are the considerations and benefits of using high-pressure coolant?

1)  With high-pressure cooling, the coolant effectively removes heat generated by the cutting process before it can accumulate and increase temperatures to the point at which tooling and workpiece surfaces are damaged.

2)  The high performance levels of modern machine tools generate so much heat that the coolant is heated beyond its boiling point and creates a blanket of vapor that insulates the cutting zone from the coolant. That reduces the coolant’s ability to remove heat. High-pressure, high velocity coolant eliminates the vapor barrier so the heat that is generated is removed effectively at a high rate.

3)  Another advantage of high-pressure coolant is that it can penetrate to the tool’s cutting edge to provide a short shear zone that leads to the creation of thin chips that readily break into small pieces over the base material.

4)  Broken chips that fall away from the tool and workpiece, or are blown away by the force of the coolant, prevent these chip-related problems.

5)  Harnessing the coolant pressure, producing a high-powered controlled jet and delivering the coolant to the correct position on the cutting tool to ensure a consistent performance.






Courtesy : American Machinist


The Secret to Success

Once a young man asked Socrates the secret to success.Socrates asked the young man to meet him at the river side the next morning.They met.Socrates asked the young man to walk with him into the water & he did.Suddenly Socrates ducked the kid under water & held him there till the kid started turning blue.Then,Socrates pulled him out.The first thing the kid did was to take a deep breath.Socrates asked him,”Son when you were under water what did you want the most”?

The young man said,’Air’.

Socrates said,‘Son there is no secret to success.When you want success,as badly as you wanted air when you were in the water you will have it.Nobody will be able to stop you that day’. This is called a burning desire.This is the difference between preference & convictions in life ;preferences are negotiable,convictions are not; & under pressure,preferences always become weak whereas convictions become stronger.

Source : You Can Sell by SHIV KHERA