IIT Madras is now EspritCAM user & Millwright’s Customer

IIT- Madras:

India’s one of the premium institute, ” Indian Institute of Technology Madras” In this institute the department of mechanical Science, has its very own and very precise 5 axis micro machine “KERN Evo” form “KERN Microtechnik Gmbh” with heidenhain control

IIT uses this machine for manufacturing of prototype parts, student projects, research and development of various technology, where high precision machining is required,

About Kerns:

KERN Microtechnik develops and manufactures high-precision CNC machining centers at its Eschenlohe factory, Germany, for the production of parts that demand μ-accurate machining.

KERN machines are technology leaders in process stability and precision. They are used in particular in the fields of tool and die/mold making , automotive , dental equipment , medical equipment , high frequency technology , watchmaking and jewelry as well as for research and development .

to more more about Kerns : www.kern-microtechnik.com

KERN evo 5-Axis machining center

EspritCAM’s dedicated machine kinematics:

Due to Esprit’s good relationship with all major machine tools in Europe, DP technology team ( Espritcam team) developed dedicated machine setup and post processor for this machine, to know more about EspritCAM, pls visit www.espritcam.com

Espritcam’s Dedicated machine model for Kerns evo


Millwright – Authorized re seller for Espritcam in Chennai and authorized espritcam training center Tamil Nadu, completed this project starting from installation to training and implementation espritcam in IITM.

If you like to know about Espritcam, Please visit ww.millwright.in/espritcam or just call us for a demo on +91 90 94 55 55 65.


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