How ENDmills are playing a major role in medical related machining

In today’s world the global medical industry is the fastest growing industries. And cause of this rapid & mature growth in the industry, the need for cost effective machining & competitiveness has become obvious. Recently Mitsubishi Materials has developed dedicated solutions for tool design which is dominantly reducing the cost without compromising with the quality.



Knee & hip replacement are the most carried out surgeries now days. Knee replacement basically consists of three major parts- tibial plate, femoral component & tibial insert.  And in case of hip replacement it consists of four major parts – stem, head, linear & shell. All these critical components are made of difficult to cut materials such as Cobalt chrome, titanium  & UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polythylene).  To machine these components endmills plays versatile role. These endmills are treated with a newly developed N group coating which is the latest product of Mitubishi Materials. The endmills delivers substantially better wear productivity & quality. UHMWPE has extremely long chains, with a molecular mass usually between 2 to 6 millions. The longer chain serves to transfer load more effectively to the polymer backbone by strengthening intermolecular interactions. These results in a very tough material, with the highest impact strength of any thermoplastic presently made. These components are very adhesive cause of more intermolecular interactions & can be machined only with Chromium Nitrade coated endmills cause it has excellent adhesion resistance.

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We will discuss more about spine & trauma implants where plates, screws & even nails are used during the surgery, in my next blog.


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