High-Efficiency Area Clearance Leads PowerMill 2015 Improvements

Raster finishing is being improved in PowerMill 2015, with this upcoming improvements the users now will be able to set automatically the most appropriate angle for each region of the part.  As in previous versions, the user had to select each area and specify the angle manually but this new option will be most beneficial when finishing a series of pockets aligned in different directions.


PowerMill is one of the widely used  3D CAM platform for Windows & is developed by Delcam PLC —Delcam is used in numerous industrial sectors to develop machining toolpaths —users will see a detailed preview of the software’s next release at IMTS 2014 which is going to held on Chicago form September 8th to 13th  this year. As reported by Delcam, among the new functions in PowerMill 2015 will be an updated Vortex high-speed area-clearance strategy.

Courtesy:- American Mechanist


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