Fanucs new automation & machine monitoring technology

Fanuc Factory Automation has recently developed a new automation technology for CNC softwares. This technology can monitor the machine processes simultaneously which will protect the machine, its fixtures, and the parts. They named the  technology as Fanuc-Logo-EPS-vector-image“iLimitS” which will monitor spindle load, spindle speed, and coolant flow. If the program detects an abnormal process it displays a warning or an alarm will stop the process before damaging the machine.

iLimitS is integrated into the CNC machine itself,  it does not require any external PC. The monitoring function is established via parameter settings and can be activated by macro calls within the part program, so there will be flexibility for operators and programmers.

Moreover as  iLimitS is embedded into the CNC, no external sensors are required when using a Fanuc serial spindle interface but for analog spindles and coolant monitoring, external sensors can be added as per the requirement of the applications.

The The iLimitS CNC software option has its own user interface screens that are integrated into the CNC and provide access to all set-up and monitoring information.

Courtesy:- American Mechanist


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