DNC (Direct Numeric Control)

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Let us share some thing about DNC (Direct Numeric Control) and also download a free DNC software from the link pasted bottom of this post.

What is DNC ?

It is type of networking between CNC machines and Shop floor Computer, in which we can send and recive NC programs from PC to CNC machines.

What are different types of DNC?

RS232 Based, LAN based, wireless etc.

What is dripfeed in DNC ?

If we have a CNC machine, in which we cannot store large programs file, in that case we can use dripfeed option in DNC software.This option will transfer one block after another form PC.


Download a free copy of NCnet-Lite DNC software from the below link.

Note :NCnet Lite works with only one machine and does not support drip feed.


Software Source : Cadem Technologies Pvt Ltd.


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