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now@300Yes ! Millwright is now at Coimbatore!

Dear Friends and Well wishers,

We are glad to inform that, Millwright (A CAD/CAM/CNC Machining consulting company) extends it’s operations to Coimbatore.

We thank for the extensive support provided by all our clients,Principal companies, friends, etc. which supported us for our growth in a great way, and request to continue the same for our future growth too.


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Our new location

G.E.S Complex, 401, 7th Street, Gandhipuram, Coimbatore- 641012


HURCO announces acquisition of two machine tool companies

Hurco Companies, Inc. (Nasdaq:HURC), a leader in the development and manufacture of machine tools with integrated control technologies for the worldwide metal cutting market, announced recently that, through a wholly-owned subsidiary, it acquired substantially all of the assets of U.S.-based Milltronics Manufacturing Company, Inc. d/b/a Milltronics CNC Machines (Milltronics). Founded in 1973, Milltronics designs and manufactures CNC knee mills, toolroom bed mills, vertical machining centers, combination lathes, slant-bed lathes, horizontal machining centers, and bed mills.
In addition, Hurco announced recently that its subsidiary Hurco Manufacturing Limited (Hurco Ltd.) entered into an agreement to acquire the business, technology, goodwill and operating assets of Takumi Machinery Co., Ltd., a Taiwanese company founded in 1988 (Takumi). Takumi designs and manufactures CNC vertical machining centers, double column machining centers, high speed bridge machines and other machine tools, with sales primarily in Taiwan, China and Europe. Subject to approval of the acquisition by the shareholders of Takumi at a meeting to be held before the end of July 2015, and to customary closing conditions, Hurco expects the closing of the acquisition to occur by the end of July 2015. Liberty Diversified International, Inc. (LDI) is the sole shareholder of Milltronics and the owner of approximately 98% of the outstanding shares of Takumi. LDI has agreed to cause the required Takumi shareholder approval to be obtained.
Mr. Gregory Volovic, President of Hurco, said:
“We believe these strategic acquisitions will significantly benefit global customers and Hurco. The Milltronics and Takumi machine tool brands are strong global brands for expansive machine tool product lines. Milltronics and Takumi have a combined customer base exceeding 18,000 installed machines throughout 30 countries. Hurco plans to continue to market the Hurco, Milltronics and Takumi branded machine tool products separately, given the distinguishing, unique values of each product line and brand. The Hurco, Milltronics and Takumi machine tool product lines should benefit from development of product enhancements, technologies and models due to the ability to leverage shared resources and cross-utilization of proven engineering designs. We believe these acquisitions will assist in our efforts to expand our global platform, particularly in strategic markets such as China and Latin America, and to achieve manufacturing cost reductions from economies of scale and manufacturing efficiencies.”

Mr. Volovic continued:
“Takumi and Milltronics machine tool products and end user markets are highly complementary to Hurco machine tool products and end user markets, in that approximately 60% of Milltronics and Takumi’s machine tool lines are unique, will expand our consolidated product range and customer base, and will accelerate emerging market penetration. For example, unlike Hurco and Milltronics machine tools, Takumi machines are equipped with industrial controls from Fanuc, Siemens, Mitsubishi or Heidenhain for high-volume manufacturing environments. The combined Hurco, Milltronics and Takumi businesses will represent one of the most comprehensive product portfolios in the machine tool industry, with more than 150 different models. We believe that these two acquisitions should be accretive to Hurco’s consolidated earnings in its 2016 fiscal year.”
Michael Doar, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Hurco Companies, Inc., stated:
“Since Hurco was founded in 1968, the cornerstone of the company has been its culture of innovation that focuses on consistent and continuous research and development. We are confident this culture will transfer to Milltronics and Takumi as they are both companies comprised of people who share our passion to advance the manufacturing industry through innovation. We look forward to working with Milltronics and Takumi employees and customers and sharing the success of our efforts with our shareholders.”

source:- Global News wire (Nasdaq)

New CAM Release Increases Productivity & Automation – ESPRIT CAM 2015


The DP Technology Corp. released latest version of ESPRIT 2015.
According to DP Technology Corp, latest version of the ESPRIT CAM program will increase productivity for a range of machining applications by generating more efficient toolpaths, and save production time by providing substantial improvements in CNC programming productivity. The new release also includes further new features which provide improvements to established functions, specifically in the areas of intelligent machining, strategic machining, CAD-CAM data exchange, and Cloud-Enabled CAM.


The intelligent machining feature accelerate the machining by providing new 5 axis cycles which can reduce the cycle time drastically. The developer ever claims that complicated blades can be machined in a single set up itself.
ESPRIT 2015 offers unique features in five-axis to make complex machining more efficient, allowing users to have more tool path options with features like blade roughing and chamfering. ESPRIT 2015 blade roughing enables users to remove material down to uniform stock around the blade and eliminates the need to follow semi-finish cycles. Users in the aerospace, energy, medical and automotive industries will benefit the most from these time-saving operations for precision parts. Another intelligent machining improvement in ESPRIT 2015 is Port Roughing, a new five-axis cycle that creates a roughing operation to remove the materials inside an area where the tool must enter through a restricted opening. The shape of the toolpath is an offset of the port surfaces, starting at the surface and proceeding inward at a constant stepover.
The strategic machining capabilities of ESPRIT 2015 have been expanded with completely redesigned stock automation capabilities for multi-tasking machines with mill, turn and drill capabilities this toolpaths are available for the Facing, Contouring and Pocketing milling cycles & the new stock automation function maintains awareness of the stock removed by previous operations to generate cutting passes only in areas where stock remains. This function greatly reduces air cutting which in turn drastically reduces cycle time.


The new ESPRIT 2015 has data exchange features which make it easier to move information from a CAD system into the CAM environment. Three new geometry types — sketches, feature profiles and curves — are available now through ESPRIT FX data exchange feature. The additional information obtained from these geometry types can be manipulated to cover complex areas for roughing operations, or to extend surfaces to get a better finish on edges.

ESPRIT 2015 allows machine programmers to select tools based on the part features in minutes — saving task of flipping through catalogs to find ideal tooling. With the ESPRIT Machining Cloud Connection, programmers have access to complete and up-to-date tooling product data, cutting hours of programming time by eliminating manual tool creation.

Courtesy:- American Machinist

Efficiency in Mastercam X8

CNC Software Inc. has released Mastercam X8, this update will work on Windows-based CAD/CAM platform; according to the developer the new update will improve process speed, automation capability, and production efficiency for all machining jobs.

In addition to the performance improvements, the developer also introduces new solids features, UI improvements, and usability/workflow improvements, among other new functions.

images (1)

It’s having a new Dynamic Motion technology “a new and exciting approach to creating tool paths,” that follows proprietary rules reference a broad data set to create the most efficient cutting motion possible. This new technology not only calculates the area where metal to be removed but also intakes the condition of the material throughout various stages of machining.

The interface of solid designing has been fully revised for Mastercam X8.  Now it is simpler, more intuitive building and editing of solids.

As well, with the new Solids interface there are new features such as Live Preview, Hands-on Drag Controls, and Direct Editing has been improved to simplify model preparation.

Other new tools in available in Mastercam X8 include:
•  More improved 2D high speed toolpaths.
•  Now user can define & select reference positions for approach & retract movements in multiaxis toolpaths & turn mill toolpaths.
•  Lathe toolpaths can be included in stock model operations, which can be used for subsequent milling operations; and

• In Mastercam X8  contour Roughing toolpath is designed to take passes parallel to chained geometry.

Information courtesy :-American machinist


High-Efficiency Area Clearance Leads PowerMill 2015 Improvements

Raster finishing is being improved in PowerMill 2015, with this upcoming improvements the users now will be able to set automatically the most appropriate angle for each region of the part.  As in previous versions, the user had to select each area and specify the angle manually but this new option will be most beneficial when finishing a series of pockets aligned in different directions.


PowerMill is one of the widely used  3D CAM platform for Windows & is developed by Delcam PLC —Delcam is used in numerous industrial sectors to develop machining toolpaths —users will see a detailed preview of the software’s next release at IMTS 2014 which is going to held on Chicago form September 8th to 13th  this year. As reported by Delcam, among the new functions in PowerMill 2015 will be an updated Vortex high-speed area-clearance strategy.

Courtesy:- American Mechanist

Hexagon acquires Vero Software

HexverHexagon AB, a leading global provider of design, measurement and visualisation technologies, announced today the acquisition of Vero Software, a world leader in Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software.

Vero Software is a UK-based software company with a strong brand and proven customer satisfaction track record. Their software aids the design and manufacturing process with solutions for programming and controlling machine tools, addressing the rising challenge of achieving manufacturing efficiencies with high-quality output.

Several well-known brands in Vero Software’s portfolio include Alphacam, Cabinet Vision, Edgecam, Radan, SURFCAM, VISI, and WorkNC. The company has large market coverage with offices in the UK, Germany, Italy, France, Japan, USA, Brazil, Netherlands, China, Korea, Spain and India supplying products to more than 45 countries through its wholly owned subsidiaries and reseller network.

The acquisition strengthens Hexagon’s software offerings, providing the means to close the gap of making quality data fully actionable by extending the reach of the newly developed MMS (metrology planning software) to include CAM (manufacturing planning software).

“Together with its unique suite of manufacturing software solutions, Vero Software has the expertise, knowledge and resources to deliver even higher levels of productivity to our customers,” said Hexagon President and CEO Ola Rollén. “Leveraging our global footprint, the synergies from our combined technologies will advance our strategy, supporting the growing need to integrate all data and processes across the manufacturing lifecycle.”

Vero Software will be fully consolidated as of August 2014 (closing being subject to regulatory approval) and will positively contribute to Hexagon’s earnings. The company’s turnover for 2013 amounted to approximately 80 million EUR


Autodesk acquired Delcam for USD $286 Million on February 6th 2014

Autodesk, Inc. A world leader in 3D autodesk-delcamdesign, engineering and entertainment software company having 7,300 employees worldwide is headquartered in San Rafael, California acquired Delcam a  leading manufacturing and inspection software providers having more than 30 offices worldwide and approximately 700 employees headquartered in Birmingham, UK.

“The acquisition of Delcam is an important step in Autodesk’s continued expansion into manufacturing and fabrication and beyond our roots in design.  Together with Delcam, we look forward to accelerating the development of a more comprehensive Digital Prototyping solution and delivering a better manufacturing experience,” said Buzz Kross, senior vice president for Design, Lifecycle and Simulation products.

Delcam will operate as a wholly-owned, independently-operated subsidiary of Autodesk.

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