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Feedback of Esprit CAM user in Chennai Anitha Enterprises

Esprit user in Chennai,Tamilnadu

In this I would take pleasure to share the success story of one of the Esprit user in Chennai, Tamilnadu.

Table of content

  • Introduction
  • Painful problem in CNC machine shop
  • Meeting with EspritCAM reseller in Chennai
  • Testimonial Video
  • Conclusion


Anitha Enterprises is a leading contract manufacturer supplying wide variety of Fabricated Bus Bar Components and emerging in the field of Engineering Components. Anitha Enterprises was established in 1981, since our inception we are committed to innovative and quality oriented manufacturing techniques which made Anitha Enterprises always set new benchmark in the field of Bus Bar Components and Engineering Components manufacturing. The company is headed by professional team who all has core competence in manufacturing, design and development of Bus Bar Components and Engineering Components.

Copper bus bars are manufactured based on Customer Design or by designing ourselves which meets Customer Requirements assuring quality of the product by following our quality system manual which is implemented during the certification of ISO 9001:2015 quality standards.

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Painful problem in CNC machine shop

Anitha Enterprises is one of the leading Copper bus bar manufacturing company in Chennai, they have wide varieties of conventional lathe, milling and other conventional machines in their shop floor which is nearer to Guindy region in Chennai. As day to day their experiences increases the numbers of orders is also increases day to day. In order to complete their order daily they have decided to move on to buy a CNC milling machine from Lakshmi Machine Works Limited (LMW), Since they have there Conventional machine shop in not comfortable for placing VMC they have extended there new branch to Thirumudivakkam – Sriperumbudur road,Chennai. After they start running that unit they face typical problem in CNC Machine shop

  • Lack of CNC Operators, setters & programmers since they are very far away from City
  • Skill dependency occurs
  • Unable to Calculate effective Cycle time
  • Loss of business inquiry due to delay in prepare quote for customer
  • They want to Check the NC simulation before running it on VMC

Meeting with EspritCAM reseller in Chennai

One fine day Mr.G.R.Venugopalan Proprietor of Anitha Enterprises came to know about Esprit CAM programming software for CNC,VMC ,HMC, Multi-tasking, Swiss style machining,5 Axis, Wire EDM ,through his CNC friends circle in Chennai. Then he searches for best technical supporting reseller for Esprit CAM in India. He found Millwright the official reseller for Esprit CAM software in Tamilnadu ,India. The first day meeting begins with live onsite technical presentation of Esprit CAM and ends up with a purchase order after a deep decision. Their team strongly believes the capacity of the CAM software and technical support from Millwright through Implementation process.

Testimonial Video

Here come the testimonial feedback of Anitha Enterprises Proprietor Mr.G.R.Venugopalan and Production Manager Mr.Aashish (End user of Esprit CAM software).


Last but not least i conclude this blog post by asking few questions to CNC machine shop owner/campaign

  1. Do you have skill dependency problem at your CNC machine shop ?
  2. Do you want to quote your customers effectively ?
  3. Do you want to calculate lease Cycle time for the existing parts ?
  4. Are you searching for best CAM software for your CNC machine shop ?

Please reply your Answers in Comment section, please share if you feel useful, thanks for reading my blog.

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All about Millwright

We Millwright Techserv Pvt Ltd located at Chennai and Coimbatore, an authorized dealer (reseller)for Esprit CAM in Tamil Nadu. Our EspritCAM tech center in Chennai is one of the best tech centers in India to learn Esprit CAM. we provide the best CAM software and solutions for VMC, HMC, Horizontal Turning Center, Vertical Turning Center (VTL), HBM, Swiss-style machines (Sliding head machines), Multi-Tasking (Mill-turn) machines, wire EDM with local technical support. we have a wide range of customers base on Esprit CAM software for aerospace, valves, automobile, maintenance, die & mold, etc.

For no-cost demo Call us on  +91 9840999411

Millwright Authorized reseller for EspritCAM in Tamil Nadu

Software for Programming & Cycle time calculating for CNC Lathe

Esprit cam software for CNC LATHE

CNC New products development

Do you get new parts development very often ?

If your machine shop has CNC Lathe or VTL with often new development jobs you might face the problem. EspritCAM reduce your NC programming and machine ideal time while new part development. Nowadays manufacturing fields are at the peak because of many starts up manufacturing companies can buy an CNC machines, they can invest money in CNC, and they promote their ROI in a short interval of month especially they CNC lathe is bought by many automobile components manufacturing unit, tool room units etc so in initial level they face typical problem in CNC machining such problems Esprit can be a right solution.

CNC cycle time calculating software

Do you want to send Quotation quickly ?

In this fastest world every industry sectors are growing faster as per to that every buyer want to get a faster quote from every seller, EspritCAM will generate quick and accurate cycle time sheet, based on that effective quotes can be prepared for your customers. Some other related documents are operations list, tools list, work coordinates, setup instructions sheet, time chart data, tool times etc., Increase the CNC lathe machine shop efficiency using CAM

wanted for cnc programmers

Are you depending on skilled CNC Programmers?

If the CNC machine shop is depending on skilled programmers then there might be an indirect loss of money and time. With Esprit CAM’s easy tool path creation method, operator can make NC program, even without knowledge on G codes. Once EspritCAM is implemented at your shop floor there is no more skill dependent .

Espritcam profit turning

Do you want to reduce cycle time in CNC Turning center?

Cycle time plays a major role for the profit of an organization hence Esprit CAM’s profit turning tool path, reduces your cycle time up to 25%. EspritCAM is a cycle time reducing software for CNC lathe.

Click below to watch how profit turning tool path works

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All about Millwright

We Millwright Techserv Pvt Ltd located at Chennai and Coimbatore, an authorized dealer (reseller)for Esprit CAM in Tamil Nadu. Our EspritCAM tech center in Chennai is one of the best tech centers in India to learn Esprit CAM. we provide the best CAM software and solutions for VMC, HMC, Horizontal Turning Center, Vertical Turning Center (VTL), HBM, Swiss-style machines (Sliding head machines), Multi-Tasking (Mill-turn) machines, wire EDM with local technical support. we have a wide range of customers base on Esprit CAM software for aerospace, valves, automobile, maintenance, die & mold, etc.

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Millwright Authorized reseller for EspritCAM in Tamil Nadu

Make New Component Development Faster!

Espritcam for new product development

Are you a Owner or Manager of a CNC shop ?

CNC Machine shop layout

Struggling with NPD in CNC shopfloor?

Need to Quote your customer faster?

Trouble with fixture collision?

Unable to get accurate NC?

Solutions from Esprit

1.cycle time report

In order to take commercial decision for a New product development in CNC machine cycle time report plays a vital role . Many shop floor will experiences the problems to quote your customer in an effective method hence there occurs the chances for not getting first or repeated orders for your CNC shop floor so to over come such obstacles Esprit will be a support system for the machine shop to get a effective quote in a short interval of time. Esprit provides better cycle time calculation before machining, a perfect Tool List & Setup Sheet for shop floor communication, an operation list helps to Analyze & reduce cycle time & down time.Many of the Esprit users are used to say this solution as a high lights of esprit in their testimonial videos where you can surf those testimonials in our blog page.

Esprit Cycle time excel sheet

2.Tools and Cutting parameter

As a owner or Manager or decision maker in a CNC machine shop you should make a questions to yourself as “Is am skill dependent in tool selection and cutting parameter selection in NPD ? If your answer is no obviously you have a cool machine shop,but  most of the machine shop owners are skilled depended that may or may not affect the development graph of the company.Esprit CAM simplifies your tools and cutting parameter selection automatically with KBM (Knowledge base manager),it could recommend better cutting tool & cutting parameter for optimized cycle time. Tools magazines or library can be created by own as per in machine tool magazine accordingly ATC works. 

Esprit machining cloud

3.Get Accurate NC

Struggling to get error less NC ? Spending more time in developing NC ? Lack of programming knowledge ? such questions can be solve. Select your  sequence of operation and followed by get accurate NC file in single tab in offline ( without stopping the machine). No correction required on Esprit generated NC program.A person with basic computer knowledge & machine knowledge can make NC program (Even without knowledge of G0,G01). While comparing with manual programming Esprit has a advantage of generating  error less cutting coordinates for the CAD input given by end user.The time consumption for Esprit generating NC make a big difference for the company growth,in case of NPD many R&D such as fixture prove out, tool selections, cutting parameter selections are widely solved through Esprit.

esprit cam programming

4.Fixture prove out

In India the recent automobile news announced by Indian Government is converting all BS 4 model engine to BS 6 model engine in order to control the pollution hence many Automobile sectors are in the stage of developing new BS 6 model engine components hence they have to design their own fixture or ready made fixture at this point every one should prove the fixture for the new development components such activities are easily carried out in offline without ideal of machine.Esprit solid machine simulation & verification helps to avoid collision on work piece, fixture, tool holders, etc.,while machining. It doesn’t required a third party simulation software for multi axis & multitasking machine simulation therefore check your own fixture for the new product development in offline. The post processor for various brands of CNC machine are factory out let proved one this become a cause for the effect to be error less NC file output.

collision detection in esprit cam

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Millwright Authorized reseller for EspritCAM in Tamil Nadu

Inauguration on Esprit CAM center in Chennai @ Millwright

May 31, 2018: Chennai, India:- DP Technology, developer and promoter of flagship CAM product ESPRIT has further expanded in Indian market with a new Technology Centre (ESPRIT CAM centre) at Millwright’s Chennai facility. The new CAM centre is testimony of DP Technology’s commitment to the fast-growing Indian market. The US based CAM solution provider wants to use the CAM centre for providing a Ticketing-based support, Train end-users of its clients, Provide tech support to existing and potential customers, Application support to Machine Tool Builders and sellers, among others.

The Tech centre was inaugurated by Mike Lauer, General Manager, DP Technology Asia Pacific; Arun Mahajan, General Manager, The Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT); Jegannath Malaiswamy , Manager –  Engineering, Q2Q Solutions on May 17, 2018.

“We believe that the last few years represent the beginning of a new future for high-end technology and efficient manufacturing in India. ESPRIT CAM software empowers Indian manufacturers to accomplish the lofty goals inspired by the “Make in India” and Industry 4.0 initiatives. The ESPRIT CAM Centre by Millwright provides base level training for new implementations of Industry 4.0 as well as advanced automation enhancements for existing implementations,” said Mike during the inauguration ceremony.


About: Millwright Techserv Pvt Ltd

Millwright Techserv Pvt Ltd is a reseller and partner of DP Technology India to sell and support ESPRIT CAM in Tamil Nadu. They also provide manufacturing solutions, CAD/CAM/CNC Training and CNC Programming Services for manufacturing verticals like automobile, aerospace, heavy engineering, medical, oil & gas etc.

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DP TECHNOLOGY is a leading developer and supplier of computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software for a full range of machine tool applications. ESPRIT, DP Technology’s flagship product, is a powerful, high-performance, full-spectrum programming system for milling, turning, wire EDM, and multi-tasking machine tools. ESPRIT and the personnel who support it embody DP Technology’s passion for excellence and vision of technology’s potential.

DP Technology reinforces its commitment to technical excellence by dedicating nearly 20 percent of its annual revenue to ongoing research and product development. This long-term focus has produced powerful technological innovations that have placed ESPRIT in an industry-leading position since its market launch in 1985.

DP Technology maintains its worldwide headquarters in Camarillo, California, U.S.A. and product development teams in California and Florence, Italy. Sales and support operations are located in Europe, Asia, and North and South America.

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Contract CNC Programming services.

cnc programming services

Who we are ?

Millwright is a CAD/CAM/CNC consulting company with a team of well experienced experts in the area of CNC machining doing its operation in Chennai. We have a focused vision in providing Manufacturing solutions, CAD/CAM/CNC Training and Contract CNC Programming Services for manufacturing industries in different verticals like Automobile, Aerospace, Heavy engineering, Medical, Oil & Gas etc..

What we Provide ?

• CNC programming for CNC lathe, Vertical Machining center,Horizontal Machining center.
• Detailed Cycle time Sheet.
• Tools List
• Operation wise Machining Detail..

What we Need ?

• Drawing of the part in DWG, PDF or any other suitable file format of solid or surface model.
• Machine details.
• Blank Material and Size.
• Available Tools List
• Sample Program.
• Tools List
• Operation wise Machining Detail

Why Outsourcing CNC Programming?

• Cost effective for small, Medium and Large-scale of Companies.
• Company can concentrate on future business.
• Avoiding procurement costly CAD/CAM software’s.
• Avoid Machine idle time due to programmer’s unavailability.
• Less Cycle time due to effective CNC programs

Why Millwright?

•We have 14+ years experience in CNC Machining.
• One time project or Long-term we can allocate an Engineer on your project.
• We can allocate full-time Engineer, to work remotely, on monthly based.
• If your project need custom tool learning we can learn quickly.
• We act as an extended arm from India for your CNC Shop floor.

Contacts us.

E-mail :

Mobile/ Whats app : +91 9094555565

Skype : crkdinesh

Land Line : 044-45011057

web :




Good news for the the CNC programmers who want to sharpen their skills in turn mill, Swiss machining & multi tasking programming.
Espritcam is a very powerful, high performance CAM system which is capable of doing 2 to 5 axis milling, 2 to 22 axis turning which includes multitasking for Mill turn machines & Swiss machines. User can program any machine with any control with ease using Espritcam as the software comes with Universal Post Processing & Machine skin to execute perfect simulation for any branded Machine.

Millwright the complete CNC solution providers who are already authorised trainining centre for Mastercam, Delcam & NXcam has now started providing training in Espritcam. As they are very professional in any other Cam softwares the leaners can expect the same professionalism in Espritcam training too.

The training program has been developed by the Professional faculties in such a manner that the learner can understand the concept of programming in turn mill machines very easily & utilize it very effectively. The training program includes every aspects which are related to turnmill, multitasking & swiss machining as the espritcam is very popular for doing programming for such operations in CNC machines.

Why Millwright?

Training from 2.5 Axis milling to 5 axis , Millturn, Multitask machining.

Professional faculties.

Direct Certification.

Free student software.

Placement support.

For more details.
+91 90 94 55 55 65

CGTech enhances The VERICUT’s MachiningCloud Connection


VERICUT is a verification and simulation software used to detect CNC programming errors as well as collision checkings and areas of inefficiency. MachiningCloud is an independent provider of CNC cutting tool and workholding product data.

In the latest of VERICUT 7.4, after defining a tooling package on the MachiningCloud, users can directly download all the tool assemblies within the package and use it within VERICUT with significantly fewer steps compared to manually configuring a tool for use in a simulation session.

The process is very simple:
1) First Build a MachiningCloud job containing all your tool assemblies;
2) Next export the job downloading it to your local computer;
3) from within VERICUT click once to import all the tools from the job;
4) And simulate using your tool assemblies what is being created in the MachiningCloud.

Christophe Rogazy, Cloud Evangelist for MachiningCloud further says that “This upgrade eliminates manual steps saving time and further increasing efficiency in the simulation process for VERICUT customers using the MachiningCloud”.


Yamaha Motor inaugurates its third plant in Chennai

India Yamaha Motor (IYM), the Japanese two wheeler manufacturer, today inaugurated its third manufacturing facility at the industrial park in Vallam Vadagal situated at the outskirts of Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The new plant will have an initial production capacity of 450,000 units


The new factory will be the first in the Yamaha Motor group to have a vendor park in its vicinity. Spread across 177 acres, the new facility covers an area of 109 acres for IYM and 68 acres for vendor partners. The vendor park has 9 vendors who plan to invest Rs. 1,000 crores and will employ around 3,000 people by 2018.


Courtesy : ET auto

Android Apps for Machinists

Machinist Calculator
The strength of this app is its simplicity. It has simple calculations for milling, turning and a handy scrolling tap drill chart.


Feeds and Speeds for Milling
The title says it all, but dig deeper and the nice thing about this app is the ability to save your machine’s max RPM, max IPM and max HP. With this information stored, simply plug in some details about your cutter and the type of material you want to cut and the app figures out your starting figures for RPM, feedrate, radial and axial DoC and required HP.


Machinist’s Calculator
While the other apps we’ve covered offer basic F&S calculations, this one also solves common trigonometry in an easy to use format. It even provides X-Y coordinates for bolt hole circles.


Machining Mate
This app which is one of the best.This app is perfect & carries all the things which a machinist would want.


Machinist Calc Pro
Ideal for machining professionals and shop owners who want to increase productivity and profits in the design, layout and set-up stages of production and reduce wear and tear on costly cutting tools.


How ENDmills are playing a major role in medical related machining

In today’s world the global medical industry is the fastest growing industries. And cause of this rapid & mature growth in the industry, the need for cost effective machining & competitiveness has become obvious. Recently Mitsubishi Materials has developed dedicated solutions for tool design which is dominantly reducing the cost without compromising with the quality.



Knee & hip replacement are the most carried out surgeries now days. Knee replacement basically consists of three major parts- tibial plate, femoral component & tibial insert.  And in case of hip replacement it consists of four major parts – stem, head, linear & shell. All these critical components are made of difficult to cut materials such as Cobalt chrome, titanium  & UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polythylene).  To machine these components endmills plays versatile role. These endmills are treated with a newly developed N group coating which is the latest product of Mitubishi Materials. The endmills delivers substantially better wear productivity & quality. UHMWPE has extremely long chains, with a molecular mass usually between 2 to 6 millions. The longer chain serves to transfer load more effectively to the polymer backbone by strengthening intermolecular interactions. These results in a very tough material, with the highest impact strength of any thermoplastic presently made. These components are very adhesive cause of more intermolecular interactions & can be machined only with Chromium Nitrade coated endmills cause it has excellent adhesion resistance.

Traub_TNL18 expands ma_opt


We will discuss more about spine & trauma implants where plates, screws & even nails are used during the surgery, in my next blog.


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Efficient Manufacturing Magazine