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Customer feedback from Q2Q Solutions for Espritcam


One of our esteemed customer Q2Q Solutions Private Limited, Using Espritcam on their shop floor, for various types of Multiaxis and Multitasking machines.

Here Mr Jegannath Malaiswamy, Leading Engineering Dept, explaining the advantages and usefulness of Espritcam and support from DP technology and Millwright.

List of Machines in their Shopfloor running with Espricam.

  • DMU 60 eVo Linear
  • DMC 1150 V
  • DMU 125 FD
  • NTX 1000
  • NH 5000 DCG



Good news for the the CNC programmers who want to sharpen their skills in turn mill, Swiss machining & multi tasking programming.
Espritcam is a very powerful, high performance CAM system which is capable of doing 2 to 5 axis milling, 2 to 22 axis turning which includes multitasking for Mill turn machines & Swiss machines. User can program any machine with any control with ease using Espritcam as the software comes with Universal Post Processing & Machine skin to execute perfect simulation for any branded Machine.

Millwright the complete CNC solution providers who are already authorised trainining centre for Mastercam, Delcam & NXcam has now started providing training in Espritcam. As they are very professional in any other Cam softwares the leaners can expect the same professionalism in Espritcam training too.

The training program has been developed by the Professional faculties in such a manner that the learner can understand the concept of programming in turn mill machines very easily & utilize it very effectively. The training program includes every aspects which are related to turnmill, multitasking & swiss machining as the espritcam is very popular for doing programming for such operations in CNC machines.

Why Millwright?

Training from 2.5 Axis milling to 5 axis , Millturn, Multitask machining.

Professional faculties.

Direct Certification.

Free student software.

Placement support.

For more details.
+91 90 94 55 55 65

CGTech enhances The VERICUT’s MachiningCloud Connection


VERICUT is a verification and simulation software used to detect CNC programming errors as well as collision checkings and areas of inefficiency. MachiningCloud is an independent provider of CNC cutting tool and workholding product data.

In the latest of VERICUT 7.4, after defining a tooling package on the MachiningCloud, users can directly download all the tool assemblies within the package and use it within VERICUT with significantly fewer steps compared to manually configuring a tool for use in a simulation session.

The process is very simple:
1) First Build a MachiningCloud job containing all your tool assemblies;
2) Next export the job downloading it to your local computer;
3) from within VERICUT click once to import all the tools from the job;
4) And simulate using your tool assemblies what is being created in the MachiningCloud.

Christophe Rogazy, Cloud Evangelist for MachiningCloud further says that “This upgrade eliminates manual steps saving time and further increasing efficiency in the simulation process for VERICUT customers using the MachiningCloud”.


Delcam’s new PowerMILL CAM can mirror complete machining projects



Recently Delcam has launched the 2016 version of its PowerMILL programming software specially for five-axis and high-speed machining.

The new release is further enhanced with the ability to mirror complete machining projects in one operation and to maintain automatically the machining strategies & parameters. Previously, only individual toolpaths could be mirrored. & after this enhancement a project itself can be mirrored as per the machining requirements

This new feature of automatic mirroring saves considerable time whenever right- and left-hand versions are needed of a part or tool. It will be very useful for machining symmetrical objects & also faster to execute the machining process as it will be possible to program one half and then mirror the toolpaths to complete the program.

To ensure that the mirroring has performed as expected, the new option can be used with the ability, introduced in PowerMILL 2015 R2, to undertake complete verification of a project for machine-tool issues such as collisions. Comprehensive verification can be performed, including ensuring that the machine tool is capable of running the mirrored toolpaths, as well as checking for both machine-tool collisions and tooling collisions.

Courtesy:-Manufacturing Tech Update

New CAM Release Increases Productivity & Automation – ESPRIT CAM 2015


The DP Technology Corp. released latest version of ESPRIT 2015.
According to DP Technology Corp, latest version of the ESPRIT CAM program will increase productivity for a range of machining applications by generating more efficient toolpaths, and save production time by providing substantial improvements in CNC programming productivity. The new release also includes further new features which provide improvements to established functions, specifically in the areas of intelligent machining, strategic machining, CAD-CAM data exchange, and Cloud-Enabled CAM.


The intelligent machining feature accelerate the machining by providing new 5 axis cycles which can reduce the cycle time drastically. The developer ever claims that complicated blades can be machined in a single set up itself.
ESPRIT 2015 offers unique features in five-axis to make complex machining more efficient, allowing users to have more tool path options with features like blade roughing and chamfering. ESPRIT 2015 blade roughing enables users to remove material down to uniform stock around the blade and eliminates the need to follow semi-finish cycles. Users in the aerospace, energy, medical and automotive industries will benefit the most from these time-saving operations for precision parts. Another intelligent machining improvement in ESPRIT 2015 is Port Roughing, a new five-axis cycle that creates a roughing operation to remove the materials inside an area where the tool must enter through a restricted opening. The shape of the toolpath is an offset of the port surfaces, starting at the surface and proceeding inward at a constant stepover.
The strategic machining capabilities of ESPRIT 2015 have been expanded with completely redesigned stock automation capabilities for multi-tasking machines with mill, turn and drill capabilities this toolpaths are available for the Facing, Contouring and Pocketing milling cycles & the new stock automation function maintains awareness of the stock removed by previous operations to generate cutting passes only in areas where stock remains. This function greatly reduces air cutting which in turn drastically reduces cycle time.


The new ESPRIT 2015 has data exchange features which make it easier to move information from a CAD system into the CAM environment. Three new geometry types — sketches, feature profiles and curves — are available now through ESPRIT FX data exchange feature. The additional information obtained from these geometry types can be manipulated to cover complex areas for roughing operations, or to extend surfaces to get a better finish on edges.

ESPRIT 2015 allows machine programmers to select tools based on the part features in minutes — saving task of flipping through catalogs to find ideal tooling. With the ESPRIT Machining Cloud Connection, programmers have access to complete and up-to-date tooling product data, cutting hours of programming time by eliminating manual tool creation.

Courtesy:- American Machinist

Efficiency in Mastercam X8

CNC Software Inc. has released Mastercam X8, this update will work on Windows-based CAD/CAM platform; according to the developer the new update will improve process speed, automation capability, and production efficiency for all machining jobs.

In addition to the performance improvements, the developer also introduces new solids features, UI improvements, and usability/workflow improvements, among other new functions.

images (1)

It’s having a new Dynamic Motion technology “a new and exciting approach to creating tool paths,” that follows proprietary rules reference a broad data set to create the most efficient cutting motion possible. This new technology not only calculates the area where metal to be removed but also intakes the condition of the material throughout various stages of machining.

The interface of solid designing has been fully revised for Mastercam X8.  Now it is simpler, more intuitive building and editing of solids.

As well, with the new Solids interface there are new features such as Live Preview, Hands-on Drag Controls, and Direct Editing has been improved to simplify model preparation.

Other new tools in available in Mastercam X8 include:
•  More improved 2D high speed toolpaths.
•  Now user can define & select reference positions for approach & retract movements in multiaxis toolpaths & turn mill toolpaths.
•  Lathe toolpaths can be included in stock model operations, which can be used for subsequent milling operations; and

• In Mastercam X8  contour Roughing toolpath is designed to take passes parallel to chained geometry.

Information courtesy :-American machinist


High-Efficiency Area Clearance Leads PowerMill 2015 Improvements

Raster finishing is being improved in PowerMill 2015, with this upcoming improvements the users now will be able to set automatically the most appropriate angle for each region of the part.  As in previous versions, the user had to select each area and specify the angle manually but this new option will be most beneficial when finishing a series of pockets aligned in different directions.


PowerMill is one of the widely used  3D CAM platform for Windows & is developed by Delcam PLC —Delcam is used in numerous industrial sectors to develop machining toolpaths —users will see a detailed preview of the software’s next release at IMTS 2014 which is going to held on Chicago form September 8th to 13th  this year. As reported by Delcam, among the new functions in PowerMill 2015 will be an updated Vortex high-speed area-clearance strategy.

Courtesy:- American Mechanist

Things should be considered before buying a CAD/CAM system

Hi Friends,

When i surf on net, i got some useful stuffs related to CAD/CAM software’s as below.

“Things should be considered before buying a CAD/CAM system”

User Interface

  • Is the screen arrangement logical and easy to read?
  • Can beginners and experts pick functions conveniently?
  • Can you customize the menus and graphics display?

CAD Functionality

  • Does the software price include file translators?
  • What entity types can it create, import, and export?
  • Is it easy to modify geometric entities?
  • How easy is it to create a model from a print?

CAM Functionality

  • Can the system do simple and complex parts easily?
  • What entity types can the system use for machining?
  • Are toolpaths easy to edit?
  • Are toolpaths and geometry associative?
  • Can the system calculate feeds and speeds?
  • Are gouge and undercut avoidance built in?
  • Can you manually override defaults and protections?
  • Will the software automatically optimize feed rates?

NC Code Output

  • How does the system create NC output?
  • Does the software price include post processors?
  • Who will customize the NC output for your system?
  • Are post processors customizable by the user?
  • Is it easy to switch a program between machines?
  • Is visualization of NC code output available?

General Software Information

  • Are the CAD and CAM functions in same package?
  • Is the software developer strong in both CAD and CAM?
  • Are third-party packages available to add on?
  • Is there a growth path to more powerful software?
  • What other software is available from the company?
  • Is the software network compatible?
  • Software Maintenance and Update Policies
  • How frequently are software updates provided?
  • How much do software updates cost?

Software Training

  • What kind of training is available for the software?
  • Does the software price include training?
  • How much training will you need to become productive?
  • Are advanced training courses available?

Technical Support

  • What technical support is available?
  • How much will technical support cost?
  • Does the company publish customer newsletters?
  • Is there a users group for the software in your area?
  • Software Developers
  • Is the software company well established and stable?

Software Resellers

  • What is the reseller’s history?
  • Does the reseller offer local support?
  • Is corporate support also available?
  • What is the reseller’s territory?
  • Is the reseller dedicated to the CAD/CAM software?
  • What is the reseller’s skill level?
  • What is the reseller’s reputation?
  • Does the reseller demonstrate computer literacy?
  • Is the reseller familiar with your industry?
  • How strong is the reseller network?

Minimum Recommended Hardware Requirements

  • Processor type and speed:
  • Random access memory (RAM):
  • Graphics card:
  • Hard disk size:
  • Operating system and version:
  • Additional hardware or software:

Recommended Hardware Requirements

  • Processor type and speed:
  • Random access memory (RAM):
  • Graphics card:
  • Hard disk size:
  • Operating system and version:
  • Additional hardware or software:

Source :