Android Apps for Machinists

Machinist Calculator
The strength of this app is its simplicity. It has simple calculations for milling, turning and a handy scrolling tap drill chart.


Feeds and Speeds for Milling
The title says it all, but dig deeper and the nice thing about this app is the ability to save your machine’s max RPM, max IPM and max HP. With this information stored, simply plug in some details about your cutter and the type of material you want to cut and the app figures out your starting figures for RPM, feedrate, radial and axial DoC and required HP.


Machinist’s Calculator
While the other apps we’ve covered offer basic F&S calculations, this one also solves common trigonometry in an easy to use format. It even provides X-Y coordinates for bolt hole circles.


Machining Mate
This app which is one of the best.This app is perfect & carries all the things which a machinist would want.


Machinist Calc Pro
Ideal for machining professionals and shop owners who want to increase productivity and profits in the design, layout and set-up stages of production and reduce wear and tear on costly cutting tools.



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