5 Tips to safeguard your CNC machines on lock down time

5 tips tp safe guard cnc machine

Tip 1- Clean your machine

Clean your machine, make sure there is no any chip or coolant inside as well as on the chip tray of the machine.

Move all axis to its center position,

Tip 2- Center positioning of axis

Move all axis to its center position, before switching off.

tool removing

Tip 3-Clean the spindle tapper

Remove Tools from the spindle, and clean the spindle tapper, and apply grease in the taper to avoid rust.

electrical panel

Tip 4-Check Electrical panel doors

Make sure all electrical panel door or cabinet doors are closed, to safe guard from rats and other pests. ( if possible keep some rat cake or tobacco leaf to avoid entry of rats and other pests)

apply of coolant in machine bed

Tip 5- Apply coolant oil

Apply a concentrated coolant oil on the table, telescopic cover using a paint brush, to avoid rusting on lock down time.


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